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  • 1). 25% Deposit at the time of order.
  • 2). 50% at the time order is ready for shipment from factory in China.
  • 3). Balance 25% at the time of truck delivery at site.


45/60 days from date order is confirmed with 1st payment.


Once initial payment is made, drawings and layout is/are confirmed the production starts immediately. From here onwards there is no cancelation or refund.


Our standard practice is to deliver unit in assembled or unassembled form depending on location & ease of access. Where applicable we will procure City Permit for you at a nominal cost.


Although many options have been specified but customer can recommend their own ideas to be incorporated. Consider this as your custom made home for you and your family alone.


Experienced Designers and factory trained team readily available

STURDY HOMES Ltd. Is an LLC registered in the State of New Mexico USA with exclusive manufacturing factory in China

Ans: We make Steel Frame Houses that are Strong & Sturdy and will withstand most natural disasters.

Ans: Design & Produce Tiny Container type Homes, Modular Prefabricated steel houses and Custom Homes. Call us Innovators; We are trying to re invent the construction industry by designing practical living with the use of new technologies and highly innovative long lasting materials that will withstand most natural disasters and abuse.

Ans: Houses are built with sense of space, utility, safety, affordability and robustness. They are built out of rigid steel and forged aluminum or steel frames that meet or exceed international housing codes. Structural Frames are made of strong & sturdy light steel, with factory insulated rigid sandwich panels for walls, roofs, ceiling. All products are made to withstand high winds to 180 mph, 7 rc Earthquake, Flooding up to 7" from land level, 2-Hr Fire protection, 6.5rs, external structures of Modular prefab houses if coated with fire retardant EONCOAT.


Ans: It was established in early 2015 by a businessman with over 30 years of international business. Head office is located in Albuquerque in the state of New Mexico that is home to many innovative research facilities. Remember Atom Bomb?

Ans: Our main purpose is to provide safe, solid, strong long lasting and sensibly designed houses for masses. And our goal is to make Houses for everyone from affordable to luxurious.

Ans: Presently we sell to individuals directly or via eBay. Very soon we will appoint dealers all across the nation and will also offer our products through dealer network

Ans: Each unit comes with five year warranty including roof leaks. AC and water heaters come with manufacture warranty We mostly use split type Heat/Cool Air Conditioner that have 2 -5 year manufacturer's warranty

Ans: Tiny Prefabricated Units are on display at our facility in Albuquerque, New Mexico USA. (Please call for appointment)

Ans: Tiny Houses are shipped on trailer and truck. Modular Prefab House are shipped in freight containers.

Tiny Prefab House or Offices

Ans: Tiny house is something that starts from 120 sq.ft. to about 750 sq. ft and made within the international specification same as Freight containers.

Ans: Very much!. Instead of using wooden framing or used steel seagoing freight containers we only make the chassis, From new steel for body frame, flooring & roof) exactly as per freight container specifications but use solid R30 sandwich panels as walls, roofs and ceiling to keep heat and cold out. No used container is used…never

Ans: According to Wikipedia: A sandwich panel is made of three layers: a low-density core (Insulation), and a thin skin-layer bonded to each side. Sandwich panels are used in applications where a combination of high structural rigidity and low weight. Sandwich panels are not only rigid but sturdy enough to withstand high wind and earthquake to a high degree.

Ans: Yes, very much. Most of the Steel containers used have been at sea for a very long time and have accumulated zinc and corrosion. Although used container can be bought at a very lost price but labor, steel cutting for doors and windows and service pipes, wires can add tremendously to overall cost. On top of all they spray chemical induced foam and then cover it up with low cost material. Some North American fabricators, manufacturers use new containers and some use wooden framing but either way due to high labor and material costs we cannot be beat as our production facility in Asia with low material and labor cost will save between 60 to 80%.

Ans: It's your choice? You can repaint the entire unit or spray with stucco or decorate in a way that only a trained eye can tell the difference at close inspection. Really!

Ans: Yes and No. Units that are less than 120 sq. ft., generally do not require any permit in most of US and Canadian cities. Units larger than 120 may require a city permit. Some Cities do not have any regulation and permits are given case by case basis. Some cities will allow temporarily for few years before permanent structure is made. And then some will allow if they are approached in a certain manner by convincing them that this is not a regular storage type container but a habitable tiny unit with cute design, eco friendly, economical and as good as a hotel room.

Ans: We can provide 3rd party referrals and guidance on application.

Ans: Yes up to three in present form. More, if redesigned for high rise apartments or motels/hotels.

Ans: Yes, except for some commercial units. It will however need city’s or service providers to come and do final connections.

Ans: Yes, depending on your city’s requirements and your budget. There are three ways you can do.

  • 1) Most economical: Place 6 to12 blocks at corners, center and ends and place unit on top at the time of delivery
  • 2) Midway: Dig ground few inches, place blocks, finish with cement to create a frame for unit to sit on
  • 3) Upgrade: Hire a professional contractor to lay foundation with an area of about 25’ x 30’

Units are quite heavy and will stand on their own but you are always advised to bolt and secure the unit to the ground

Ans: Generally not, but it depends on your state rules on interstate purchase.

Ans: Not with our units. Definitely not. But that may be true with steel freight containers.

Ans: Yes. You can have as many units conjoined to each other.

Ans: Yes. Complete design available from our company.

Ans: Yes, of course any time during office hours.

Modular Prefab Houses

Ans: Entire house is made in a factory and shipped out in a freight container with pre-marked material with easy to follow assembly instructions.

Ans: Yes, You will over need a licensed contractor for foundation and utility connections if you are within City Limits.

Ans: Yes, you do need a city permit. It is same as you would build a frame or track house. Please see our final page.

Ans: Although we have readymade designs that can be taken as it is or amended slightly. Most Modular Prefab houses and commercial buildings are generally designed and made to custom order. Customer provides the information on vacant property and her/his requirement such as number of bedrooms, baths and garages along with type of kitchen, living room, elevation and so on. Once you decide on the project and funds secured, you will contact us and discuss the project.

Ans: Preliminary discussions, plans and city permits take about 45 days. Production at factory takes another 30 days. Construction at site takes only 15-30 days with 6 workers. You are ready to move in about 100 days.

Ans: You will have to hire a local contractor to bid on the project and choose yourself. We will of course guide you through the entire process by verifying the bids and construction progress. Alternatively you can give us the entire project to handle from conception to completion and we will have our factory trained specialists complete the project.

IMPORTANT NOTES, if you live within City Limits.

(Does not apply to Ranches, Forest and Mountain dwellers)

Ans: 1. We make sketch and drawings of your unit that will show units only with following information:

  • I. Size of unit and split of area
  • II. Location and size of Kitchenette
  • III. Bathroom, Shower, Toilet.
  • IV. Entry Door, Windows

Ans: You will need design firm for to get City Permit for following reasons:

1. To make preliminary drawings that will depict

  • a) Land area and location.
  • b) Indicate access to utility services.
  • c) Clearances for emergency responders.
  • d) Type of Land; such as multi family, commercial, industrial or residential
  • e) Soil Condition.
  • f) Any restrictions on additions.
  • g) Hiring Licensed contractor(s) and supervising work with your approval.

2. Once initial permit is granted, the second step for designer is to redo drawings into final renderings for presentation to City by combining our unit’s drawings and preliminary drawings into one and to final permit that will also become occupancy permit or certificate.

Ans: 1. You will need a local licensed contractor as per City’s regulation for getting utility connections making foundation and installing units.

Additional Note:

Above facts may not be applicable to your City but most of the cities across US and Canada have same or similar codes

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